Another Way

I’ve been riding one of my “go to” rides another way lately, a way that I feel is much more safe than my normal Nooksack Loop Trail – 1st Loop. The normal loop has you crossing Slater Rd. at Ferndale Rd, and I just don’t like going anywhere near Slater on a bike, especially when cross traffic doesn’t stop, is moving fast, and may have just left the casino up the road.  This other way crosses Slater at a light, with…Continue Reading

Six Low Dollar Fixes for Ferndale’s Trail System

I started writing this post to talk about how I see the general state of getting around by bicycle in the greater Bellingham/Whatcom area.  My address is Ferndale so I began writing by commenting on the general state of getting around and through Ferndale by bike.  Before I knew it I had the whole screen filled with just Ferndale alone, so I retitled the post Difficulties Getting Through Ferndale.  Then I thought about how to fix things instead of just…Continue Reading

Lummi Peninsula

The Lummi Peninsula Loop is a rather extended version of my regular 10 mile Mixed Loop out of Ferndale.  This loop takes you south from Pioneer Pavillion along Ferndale Road and then out and around the whole Lummi Peninsula before returning to Ferndale via the dirt trail along the Nooksack that leads into Hovander Park.  It’s 24 miles altogether and at times can be a mixed bag, but it is overall a fun ride.  This is not really a loop for…Continue Reading