2021 Mt. Baker Hill Climb

Well there we go, another wet Mt. Baker Hill Climbs, that’s 2 out of 3 for me.  2018 was mostly cold but clear with beautiful views.  2019 was wet riding in a cloud with almost no visibility.  Then this year was just raining, raining, and more raining with views of rain.  However, the ride was, as in there was a 2021 ride, not another in a long line of Covid cancelled events.  Sure, maybe there was rain dripping down my neck at the starting line, but I was still happy about riding in the rain and I would happily do it again next year.  Maybe we can have a little snow in 2022 just to round out things out in the weather department?

But really, other than the rain, I felt better about this years ride than previous years.   I should smile more for the cameras since that scowl on my face was not representative of how good I felt at the time.  I was actually smiling inside.   Maybe the scowl was from me thinking about how the rain slowed me down in the valley before the climb and how that was going to give me a slower overall time than I expected; maybe I should strive to quit thinking about time and enjoy the experience.

Other notables on the ride were that my much ridden Raleigh R600 performed amazingly; I’m pretty sure that I’ve done nothing to it other than topping off the tires and lubing a few things since it did the hill climb in 2019; better knock on my particle board wood desk.  Another notable was that the main climbing portion of the ride went off well and I felt good the whole time.  I’ve been doing the tower road on Galbraith on the weekends leading up to this ride, guess that helped.  Another notable was that I need to write myself a note about bringing warm water proof gloves for the finger numbing ride from Artist Point down to Glacier.

That’s all.

When can I sign up for 2022?




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