VP Who?

I reluctantly voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  In my opinion he was, and still is a narcissist, an egomaniac and a liar, but with respect to ingrained political corruption, he is no Hillary.  I also expected that he would put all the right people in the right position because his drive to win would outweigh his ego; I was wrong.  Another part of my decision to vote for Donald Trump was that he brought along Mike Pence, who I thought would add maturity and stability to Trump’s Administration; again, I was wrong.  As it turns out, Mike Pence amounted to nothing much beyond just being another one of Donald Trump’s flying monkeys.  So, here we are today with Trump/Pence as one of the candidate pairs on the 2020 ticket.  I won’t be voting for either of them again, ever and it won’t be because of mail in ballots; Donald Trump, it will because you have failed and I am doing my part in firing you.  Ok, we are done talking about that.

Now on to the other candidate team, presumably Biden/VP-????.   Ok, back it up one step.  Remember, I won’t vote for President Trump in 2020 at all, no way, no how.  So barring any unforeseen events, I am committed to vote for Biden/VP-???? even though I find Joe Biden to be as corrupt and mentally incapable as Hillary.

So things really fall on which /VP-???? Joe Biden picks,  Come to think of it, given Joe Biden’s age, it is not unlikely that /VP-???? could become President /VP-????  So who will /VP-???? be?  Well, Joe has said outright that his running mate will be a woman, so that narrows things a bit.

I can tell you that I like Elizabeth Warren for the position.  Maybe not surprise to anyone since I voted for her in the presidential primary.  Also, for what it is worth, I messaged Joe Biden that I’d vote for him if he asked her to be his running mate.  She is as sharp as Joe Biden is dull.  If Elizabeth Warren has a hand in things, I can only see our nation recovering to a higher point than we were before Covid-19 was unleashed on our nation and the world.

Another prospect for /????, and a bit surprising to me, is Susan Rice.  Yes, the same Susan Rice that Hillary Clinton threw under the Benghazi bus.  I hear in the news that Susan Rice is on Joe Biden’s short list and after hearing her last fall on Krys Boyd’s Think Podcast, I think that she’d be a good choice.  I found her to be intelligent, pragmatic, contemplative, well spoken and strong; all presidential qualities that we currently are sorely lacking.  I also just downloaded her book: Tough Love My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For.

Biden/Warren or Biden/Rice?  Go ahead Joe, choose either and you’ll have my vote.

Some additional food for thought:

Later Update – not sure of the date

At first I was a little disappointed in Joe Biden not asking either Warren or Rice to be his VP running mate, but after looking into who Kamala Harris I do believe that she is a good choice.  And by looking into her, I mean reading beyond memes and contextless clips.  When I vote for the Biden/Harris ticket in November I am fully aware that Kamala Harris could very likely be sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office someday; voting based on meme wouldn’t do.  I felt that I needed to take a deeper dive.  So I read the long articles, left and right, pro and con, and then I read her book, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey.   My takeaways are that when I vote for Kamala Harris, I will be voting for a decent, tough, fair, moral human being who has others best interests in her heart.  Sure, there are, and surely will be more, things that I disagree with her actions on, but so far there isn’t much that I disagree with her motivation on.