Burley 2.0

Kona leaning on “the tree”on the Ridge Trail

A few weeks ago I looked around my garage searching for space to hang one more just one more bike. I paused for only a moment before grabbing down my Kona Dew.  It’s rare that a bike leaves my garage for a new how, but I’m out of space and seeing that the Burley Runabout and the Kona Dew serve mostly the same purpose, that purpose being my hop on and do anything bike, I considered letting one of them go so I’d have room for a rat rod gravel bike that I was contemplating. I was willing to let one of them go, just not the Burley.

Burley on the Wickersham

The Burley Runabout is a bit unique, full of character, seemingly indestructible and has become a good friend over the last few years. It’s taken me on some of my most interesting adventures like my first TDLW, it’s a reliable quick ride to work bike, and with the Schwalbe Big Ben tires it seems to ride well enough on all surfaces, pavement, gravel, hardback dirt, and even an occasional bit of mud.

So I waved good bye to the Kona as it left with a couple that I believe drove all the way up from Seattle. They were happy and I now had an open hook. I had done a few upgrades on the Kona drivetrain in the way of crankset, derailleur, chain and cassette which left on the bike, but I did keep a hold of the Brooks saddle and Jones Bars which are now transferred on to the Burley making it even more unique. I think that the Jones bars actually fit the Burley’s personality better, if that’s possible for a bike to have a personality.   One thing that I did really miss when the Kona left was that it had hydraulic disc vs the mechanical disc of the Burley.  I did have hydraulic calipers and hoses in my stash of used parts so after a little research I purchased a new lever shifter combo and the Burley was good to go as well as stop.

Now a few weeks later, with a couple of work commutes and a few rides for fun, I’m happy with Burley 2.0