Conflate Confuse Rant

“So true” Really?

This post is really nothing more than a rant, so if you were hoping for bike stuff, thanks but you can just move along to one of my other posts.

I ran across this pic while checking in on my local representatives as I do from time to time.  For the most part, things were as I expected…mostly hang in there, we are working on it kind of stuff, but Senator Ericksen’s Facebook page was a different story.  I was just amazed at how idiotic, politically divisive, and sadly these days how “presidential” his posts are these days.  This mask meme he posted was…not untypical, which is what led me to posting this rant which maybe just slightly better than screaming into a pillow.  I don’t know, we will see.

Begin Rant:

  • Don’t conflate donning a mask for self protection with donning a simple cloth mask to slow the spread of the virus to others.   (Don’t Wear a Mask for Yourself – The Atlantic.).
  • Don’t confuse temporary rules enacted during this emergency with political overreach as many in this election year would have you believe.
  • Don’t conflate what you think is essential to you personally, with the governor’s list of essential services needed to mitigate an emergency in our state. Sandbags and dumptrucks could be classed as essential during a flood emergency, but not essential during a pandemic where doctors, mask, gloves, etc. will likely be classed as essential. A good haircut for you and/or your dog or maybe a round of golf will likely not be classed as essential in any kind of emergency.
  • Don’t conflate looters and vandals with those who are protesting a handcuffed man’s murder under the knee of a law enforcement officer.
  • Don’t conflate the notion of George Floyd being murdered by rogue cop, with a broken law enforcement system that allowed an officer to murder George Floyd while other officers assisted or observed. 
  • Don’t confuse the calls to defund/restructure parts of our current law enforcement systems with abandoning law enforcement altogether.
  • Don’t conflate any law enforcement establishment with all law enforcement establishments.
  • Don’t confuse descalation with capitulation.
  • Don’t confuse bullying with crowd control.
  • If you are confused, education is the enemy of conflation, as well as manipulation, boredom, stress, incarceration, etc…
  • Social media memes thrive on conflation and confusion.   Sometimes memes are for amusement, sometimes memes are for political gain and often both.
  • Don’t conflate national recovery from this pandemic with stock market recovery.  
  • Never again will we confuse being president with being “presidential”, for President Trump has proven that they are two entirely different things.

End of rant, but don’t forget,

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – Golden Rule for Masks