Road Rash 2020

Road rash will heal when properly treated.

Donald Trump won because we wanted someone who was not part of the existing political establishment to get in there and start representing us over political parties. He said he would “drain the swamp” which I, like many others I suspect, took as someone who would work to break up the networks of political corruption that has grown in our nations capital.  I don’t think his chosen party really wanted him, but they saw a win for their party by backing him because he would get votes from their party diehards as well as those, like me, who saw him as less of the swamp creature than Hillary Clinton. His party was right and Donald Trump is our President.

Recently, Bernie Sanders won in the Nevada primary because again, people wanted someone who was not part of the swamp. You may say that Bernie Sanders, a career politician, is part of the swamp but I say that he is not. We need only look at the 2016 DNC primary to know that he is not part of the swamp. People in his party(aka, part of the swamp) did everything short of shooting him to keep him from getting the nomination. In fact, then DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned her position after it was found out that the party was working with the Clinton campaign against Sanders, oh and then she conveniently and immediately went on to chair Hillary’s campaign. You may disagree with a lot of Bernie Sander’s positions, but a swamp creature he is not.

People want a change and it is not a change from one party to another, they want a change from being led by people who put their political parties ahead of us, the American people that they have sworn to represent.

I don’t regret voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, because it was a vote against the swamp. Truth be told, if it had been Trump vs. Sanders in 2016 I might have voted for Sanders. And in 2020 if it is Trump vs. Sanders I will likely vote for Sanders.

You see, I picture our nation as having a really bad case of road rash. Worse than just a road rash, we have a road rash that has/is infected by corrupt political parties and our nation is festering. Anyone who has had a bit of road rash will know what has to happen, someone needs to grab a brush because no matter how painful and unpleasant, things need to be cleaned out before they can begin to heal. I see Donald Trump as the brush who has had 4 years of loosening up the crud and laying open our nation’s wounds.  We don’t need that abrasive brush any longer, now it is time for someone in the Oval Office who will treat and bind our wounds to keep out the dirt (swamp creatures) so that it we can heal.

I favored Andrew Yang for a time, but now he is not in the running. Bernie Sanders is looking good to me now, as is Elizabeth Warren who seems to have been focused more on substance than political parties during her relatively short career as an elected official.