One Thing

A few times in the past I’ve commented how a few low cost improvements would make a big improvement to the trail system in Ferndale.  I’m not going to back pedal on anything I said, because to call the Ferndale trail system a system is still a misnomer in my opinion.

Recently though, I had another look at the whole Pioneer Park area while my mother-in-law is in town and trying to get more walking into her daily routine.   I had previously mentioned adding a connector trail in the middle of the park, it was just in my face how rediculous it is to not have this One Thing, this one 3-way connection between Pioneer Pavillion area, the Conoco-Phillips Field/Legion area, and Star Park area.

Green = New Trail, Blue = Current Trail, Yellow = Parking, Red = Safety Fence

This One Thing connector would provide:

  • A main walkable loop around the Conoco-Phillips Fields that includes Hanadori Trail, Community Garden, Star Park – this loop would be approximately 1 mile long and could be marked for fitness walking
  • Access to the walkable loop from the Senior Center and Pioneer Pavilion
  • Access to additional parking areas for the Conoco-Phillips Fields, Pioneer Pavillion, and Star Park.
  • Safe walking access between Star Park and really anywhere else!
  • A focus for trail extensions to the Dike/Riverwalk, the Library, and beyond.
  • etc, etc, etc.

The list could go on and on as well as how it could be improved upon over time, but to keep it simple at the start will make this more doable.  In my mind though, this One Thing could be a start to the well connected system of trails that Ferndale needs.