1992 Scott Boulder

1992 Scott Boulder

It is without a doubt, the biggest wreck of a bike that I’ve ever taken in.   I spent next to nothing for it off of Craigslist, yet it was certainly too much by any monetary measure.  Fortunately for this nearly 30 year old Scott Boulder, I was measuring it’s worth with nostalgia rather than dollars, or this bike might be in a dumpster.

By the monetary measure: the bike is old, the bike is unrideable, the tires are rotted and flat, the headset is partially seized while the forks and seat post are both completely seized, the forks also being rusted, the brakes are non-functional, and lastly the gears are non-functional.  On a good note, under the faded paint and the plethora of weird stickers, the frame itself appears to be solid.

By nostalgic measure though, the bike was a true barn find.  I may have had a hand in making the pedals; Scott’s very short lived attempt at clip-less design, my first shock was a Scott Unishock, pieced together with rejects and prototype parts; because I knew a guy, and even though this bike doesn’t have clip-on aero-bars; I also had a hand in making hundreds of earliest Scott Clip-on aero-bars.   All this, during the few decades that I worked for SMC, who had their hands in a lot more than climbing gear during the 80’s.

So, bottomline is that this pimped out 1992 Scott Boulder; now a no value priceless heirloom from a forgotten era, may get a another shot at being ridden, aybe, that’s a lot of corrosion, rust and seized parts.

Triage yielded some bad news.

At this point, underneath all the stickers, at least the frame is still looking good. Still have the seized in bottom bracket to deal with. With all the component damage, I am thinking at this point about dropping all the failed upgrades and going for a stock rebuild.