I’m talking trails, not mushrooms.  Don’t know, maybe there are mushrooms there too, in addition to the trails.  The trails or trail are out of the Lake Whatcom Park out at the end of the North Shore Road.  I’ve ridden and hiked the Chantrelle Trail several times, but this recent trip was a treat because the trail has been extended past the overlook, essentially doubling the length of the trail.  What was the 2 mile Chantrelle Trail leading up to the overlook has become the Lower Chantrelle, Upper Chantrelle, and Top Portion of Chantrelle.  One 4 mile long climbing trail that leads up to the Wickersham, intersecting that trail/road on the flat section just before the gate at the power line, near the burned out car wreck.

As usual, the Whatcom Mountain Bike Association has created a beautiful climbing trail for whatever ails you, hike, bike, run, walk your dog, whatever.   I’ve used what is now the lower section on rides like my Stewart Mountain Loop, so I really like the idea of this longer climbing trail which for me avoids a lot more of the steep hike a bike up the gravel power line road.  Easy route choice for me.

More to come.