2019 Elections

I know, another pesky election.  They keep coming up one right after another, when will it ever end?  No time soon I hope because as most of us north of Bellingham know; things up here in Ferndale are a type of mess that only an election can fix.  

However, living on the fringe of Ferndale, I can’t vote into office the real public servants that we need to represent us at the local level.  So the burden falls on you who live within the Ferndale city limits.  You have to vote.  There are lots of decisions to make about councilpersons, but if you only have the energy to draw one line on your ballot,  possibly the most important thing you can do for the betterment of Ferndale as a whole is to vote in Greg Hansen as our new mayor.   

After you do that one vote for a new mayor in Ferndale, go ahead and take a look at my other picks.  You’ll notice that I’ve leaned my Ferndale picks a little away from development oriented candidates, but not because development is bad, rather that we have been out of balance lately and need to make sure we are not forgetting to represent ourselves and neighbors too. I’ve included links for some of my YES picks.

Ferndale Mayor
  • YES – Greg Hansen – cares about people first, not opposed to needed development and infrastructure, but not part of, nor really funded by that developer community.  I also talked with him and I find that unlike his opponent, Greg Hansen is a sincere person.  For me, it is as simple as that.  
  • Jon Mutchler –  Developers feed his ego, as well as his campaign.  I feel like a great weight will be lifted off Ferndale when his days as mayor are behind us.
Now I understand. Time for Ferndale to vote in a new mayor.
Council Position 1
  • Michael Cox – withdrawn
  • YES – Herb Porter – only hear good things, and well,his opponent withdrew so there you go.
Ferndale Council Position 2
  • Paul Bulanov – too development oriented, I worry about conflict of interests between us and developers
  • Ali Hawkinson – cares about people first, seems to be a strong enough person to stand up to whatever is thrown at her.
Ferndale Council Position 3
  • YES – Erin Gunter – always known her to be an intelligent caring person.
  • Anya Milton – withdrawn
Ferndale Council Position 4 
  • Paul Shuey – I almost favored him because he is so green, as in underqualified, and that is somehow appealing, but think that with so many seats open, too much inexperience will be an issue and his opponent is at least OK as far as I am concerned.
  • YES – Teresa N. Taylor – my choice, reluctantly, certainly people focused, but a little too much emphasis on political party and tribe affiliations that I worry will pose a conflict of interest.
Ferndale Council Position 5
  • Gurpreet (Garry) Sandhu – I saw his opponent and liked what I saw.
  • YES – Ryan O’Larey – my choice – lots of knowledge applicable to current needs in Ferndale, yet not part of developer community
Ferndale Council Position 7
  • YES – Maralise Fegan – met her briefly on the school bond committee, she is super smart, pragmatic and like Ali Hawkinson I feel that she will have no problem standing up to whatever comes her way.
  • Ramon Llanos –  too development oriented, I worry about conflict of interests between us and developers
Whatcom County Executive
  • YES – Tony Larson – Some may find him to be a little too political party oriented, but he is also super qualified and capable.  I’ve also always liked his positive attitude and willingness to work with everyone.
  • Satpal S. Sidhu – You know, I keep wanting to like this man if for nothing else, the intelligence he would bring, but everytime I listen to him I hear a bitter, chip on his shoulder, man.  I think why go there.
Whatcom County Council District 4 
  • YES – Kathy Kershner – sure, she is super political party oriented, but she is also intelligent, caring and experienced in this position.
  • Brian A. Estes – super political and after hearing just a little of him answering questions it sure sounded like he was intent on being a party servant rather than a public servant, I vote no.
Whatcom CountyCouncil District 5
  • YES – Ben Elenbaas – I like him because he is an intelligent straight shooter.
  • Natalie McClendon
Whatcom County Council At-Large Position B
  • Carol Frazey
  • David Ramirez
Whatcom County Assessor 
Whatcom County Sheriff 
  • Joy Gilfilen
  • YES – Bill Elfo – is and has been a great sheriff, I see no reason to vote for a less qualified person.
Port of Bellingham Commissioner District 3 
  • Anthony Distefano
  • YES – Robert (Bobby) Briscoe – pragmatic, matter of fact, get the job done, no external agenda type of candidate.
City of Bellingham Mayor 
  • YES – Seth Fleetwood – I doubt I will see eye to eye with him on a great number of issues, but I do find him to be intelligent and pragmatic, and have wide breadth of knowledge that will serve Bellingham well. 
  • April Barker

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