Yang Gang

Yes, Yang Gang.   

There’s a point in each election cycle where the field is wide open and you get to play the game of “what if.”  Like what if Carly Fiorina advances through the primaries, or heck even becomes president.  I said way back, that given the opportunity, I’d have voted for her in a heart beat.  But alas, we ended up with a choice between candidates Trump and Clinton, leaving me with the unpleasant task of choosing the lesser of two evils, which I concluded was our now President Trump.   If you desire, you are welcome to read more of my philosophy/rants about voting and choosing candidates here, here, here and here.

Back to Andrew Yang, aka leader of the YangGang.  Andrew Yang is running for President in 2020 and if he makes it through the process to eventually get his party’s nomination he will likely be facing Donald “Lesser of two evils” Trump.  Sure, it’s a long shot, but candidate Yang has been making a great showing in the debates and has growing public interest.

Andrew Yang currently has my interest because he is successful, intelligent, pragmatic, puts people first, and his calm mature demeanor is quite the welcome change from President “Tweets too much” Trump.  Oh yeah, and Andrew Yang, from all accounts that I have read, is an outsider rather than an insider in his chosen political party.  If you’ve read anything political, in my predominantly bicycle oriented blog, you’ll know that any candidate for any office that puts representing people ahead of representing a political party gets a big PLUS when it comes time for me to compare candidates.  Just think back to the last election…Hillary Clinton gained the nomination amongst scandal within her party and Donald Trump gained the nomination in his chosen party because party officials had no choice but to nominate Trump based on his popularity.  

I think that the 2016 election marked the turning point in public opinion about political parties…from that point forward being non-affiliated is as powerful a statement as claiming affiliation to one party or another.  People have too much information at their fingertips and just know too much in general to be swayed by propaganda from either political party trying to make a power play.  I think that 2020 will be an election won by the people rather than political parties and too that end, I think that Andrew Yang will represent us well as our next president.

Does Andrew Yang go against a lot of my long held conservative value? Yes, indeed he does.  But he is the first candidate in awhile that seems to fit my philosophy, that we all want the same thing, we just have different ideas about what paths to take in getting to that same thing.  Again, a candidate who I think will represent people over political party is a winner.   To be certain, his policy plans will challenge anyone’s traditionally held party-centric political platforms, but maybe it is time to rise to that challenge and explore things before you dismiss them. 

Andrew Yang has a lot of media content out there so anyone with even a modicum of balance in their life won’t want to set out to watch it all.  I think probably one of the easiest ways to get to know him is to watch this interview he did with Joe Rogan


And there is this interview, which is a bit more candid. Wouldn’t it be nice to elect someone real and relatable to everyday Americans?


 It’s a long way to the 2020 election, but for now, #YangGang is where I am.


Wait, what ???

Ok, now I am really sold 😉