Where’s George?

You find a lot of interesting things when you hit the road early for a bike ride.  Yesterday, as I chugged up the hill leading west out of Ferndale I got a good laugh about money littering the streets of Ferndale.  Then as I stopped, just in case it was a $10 or a $20, I got another laugh when I noticed the www.wheresgeorge.com stamped in the $1 bill.  

Where’s George?

Where I left him, still crumpled up lying in the gutter on Main St.



You might ask whether that was the most curious thing I saw and my response would be, No!  The most curious and also lexically and morally bankrupt, was the Starbuck’s cup sitting proudly atop a yellow gate post.  I did run into someone I knew riding in the area, but I am reasonably sure that they are not the swine lover mentioned in the cup note.

And then I got on with the rest of my ride.  A 50 mile version of my North County Loop, this one going Ferndale, Birch Bay, Lynden, Everson, past Boxx Berry Farm and home, skipping the Everson to Dodson’s Market leg and the long Smith Road section that I figured would be pretty busy by the time I go there.

All in all, a pleasant Father’s Day ride on a pleasant Sunday morning….except for the cup.

Endomondo track.

And Relive’s flyby link if you’d like to see a drones depiction of my Sunday morning ride.