Lake Samish Loop

I don’t know if I should call this ride a loop exactly, because the only part of it that is actually a loop is the part around the lake itself.  So maybe this should be in a new classification of it’s own.  I’ll call it an out and back loop where I ride out somewhere, do a loop and then ride back again.  I guess the Canyon Lake ride I did last summer was also an out and back loop…Continue Reading

What Moses Said

Ok, so let’s not hang anyone on the cross, so to speak, over this post, because I know it is not a scholarly interpretation of this biblical passage, but I’ve seen worse so I am going to run with it.   Let’s talk Dueteronomy 5:32-33, Old Testament, Moses speaking.  He had just finished sharing God’s 10 Commandments with his people when he threw on this quick follow up comment, like replying to his own FB post.  Moses said, “So be…Continue Reading

Another Nooksack Loop Ride

I’m pretty much wearing a rut into this route around this mostly north of Bellingham loop.  This time riding from my house, rather than downtown Ferndale or somewhere else along the route, today’s ride was a somewhat longer ride at about 50 miles. I did the loop clockwise which for me had more of the gravel on the latter half of the ride which I like because as I get tired the gravel holds my attention better than a long…Continue Reading

Ferndale Water Issues – Updated

Jump to Update below I’m coming to the conclusion that most people, maybe even most Ferndale City Council members, don’t really know the full extent of our water issues.  And to be blunt, in my view this is because this City administration is fairly opaque rather than transparent as they so often claim about themselves.  Here’s the kind of things I read: 4-4-2017 – According to Public Works Director Kevin Renz, the goals for digging the third well into an…Continue Reading

Where’s George?

You find a lot of interesting things when you hit the road early for a bike ride.  Yesterday, as I chugged up the hill leading west out of Ferndale I got a good laugh about money littering the streets of Ferndale.  Then as I stopped, just in case it was a $10 or a $20, I got another laugh when I noticed the stamped in the $1 bill.   Where’s George? Where I left him, still crumpled up lying…Continue Reading

Rufus Trail

Last weekend I rode Rufus Trail, a trail that was suggested by a coworker as a really nice climbing trail in the Lookout Mountain area.  The trail leads from the parking lot on Lake Louise Road, across from one of the Sudden Valley gates.  It’s a lot that I’ve parked in several time, I just have only hiked or hike-a-biked up the road to one of the Lookout Mountain towers.  At one point I tried going on some trails that…Continue Reading