Spring Loop revision C

Or revision B, or maybe D, I don’t really know how many times I’ve revised this route. Maybe I’ll quit revisions on it all together because lately the changes haven’t really been updates so much as small variations to account for my mood or weather.

Today, a sunny Sunday morning, had the trails around Lake Padden pretty busy, however given my later than normal start, the boardwalk along Bellingham’s waterfront was bursting. This time around the loop I kept up on S. State/Boulevard taking a pass on the waterfronts view and cool breeze to give the crowds of walkers a break from one more biker trying to wind their way through. Still a fun ride along Boulevard and you move a lot faster (if that’s you goal for the day).

Highlights for the day were being thanked by 2-3 people with dogs for slowing way down as I went by and pushing myself to not shorten the loop near the end because I was feeling drained. It’s all a mental game, and I felt great after I made the turn that committed me to the longer route home.

Something I still don’t like about this loop is the short section of Mt. Baker Hwy between Noon Rd and Britton Rd. You really need a rear view mirror to maintain any safety factor here. I will continue to look for alternatives maybe Smith-Mission-Baker Hwy-Y Rd? The loop would be longer but the section on the highway would be shorter. Pie in the sky would be if Bellingham could pull off some sort of trail or intersection that’d help cyclists get across the highway safely because I am not the only one riding that stretch Baker Hwy between Britton and Noon roads, in fact it is used by many including the Tour de Whatcom.

Altogether this is a good long mile and time in saddle loop that I will continue to do regularly.   I love the mix of trail, gravel and pavement.

Endomondo Track  – forgot to turn on Gaigps.

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