Quiet Lummi Loop

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Today’s ride around the Lummi Peninsula was the quietest trip around that loop that I can ever recall.  That’s something, especially for this particular loop that can be fraught with barking dogs, loud trucks and cars whizzing to and from the ferry.  Today though….nothing. Just nothing. It was a nice warm spring morning, not too early, but it seemed everyone and their dogs were still asleep. Fine by me, made it a nicer ride.

This is a loop that I do more often than others so I don’t write a blog post everytime I do it. This time though, two things were different. First thing was the weird absence of dogs on the whole route. No barkers, chasers, road wanderers, nor even sleepers. No dogs. Second thing was that I took a slightly different route at the beginning of the ride leaving Ferndale. I never liked the quick bit of Slater Rd that must be ridden between Ferndale Rd and Red River Rd because….well Slater Rd is just dangerous. Today I left town on Ferndale Rd going south passing the Senior Center and Star Park towards Slater, but this time I turned right onto Ulrick and then a quick left onto Imhoff which also leads down to Slater. You don’t get completely away from Slater, but this way drops it down from almost a mile, down to about 1/3 mile. Even that 1/3 mile is a little safer because there is an expresso stand with a big loop driveway where you can safely pull over and plot your dash up to Red River Rd.

That’s it, just a bit of a road change up. The rest is the same, a couple of hills on the way out the Gooseberry Point and a lot of great views on the whole second half of the ride. And if you want to keep it all paved, take Ferndale Rd going back north to Ferndale, rather than the gravel ride along the Nooksack River.

Tracks: Gaiagps, Endomondo

Relive ‘Lummi Loop’




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