Ferndale School Bond – Rejected

Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now.

Zig Ziglar

After much thought, I have decided to vote NO on the current FSD Bond.  

What I, and many others, want now is a safe clean efficient, modernized Ferndale High School, remodeled or new, it doesn’t matter. 

What I want most though, is for all the schools in the district, including FHS, to be safe, clean and modernized.  

What’s kept us from getting both what we want now and what we want most, is the poor relationship between the people in the district and the leadership of the district.  We wouldn’t be between this rock and hard place if we had a well run school district; a district whose leadership wouldn’t let our only high school become the wreck that it is, or abandon North Bellingham families, or defer maintenance on Custer, Mountain View, etc. 

So, to me, a Yes vote would be a vote of confidence in district leadership and an endorsement of the way they have completely ignored almost half the voters in the district.  I can’t vote Yes, and in a special election like this one, not voting at all is almost like voting Yes…. 

So this time around I am actively voting NO.

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