Riding the “Lowlands” of Galbraith is not something I routinely do, but Saturday’s ride on trails like Hopscotch, Bunny Trail, Art’s Trail, Mole Trap, Dog Patch had a purpose beyond just exercise and pedaling fun.  It’s purpose was to take a swing at breaking my teen son out of the teen funk he’s been in lately.  If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about, you’re stupid, the world is stupid, only they have a handle on things, etc.  Oh, and that cool teen swagger, eye roll, and generally somber perspective on the world are just the best, aren’t they?

That swing at breaking his funk would have been a guaranteed swing and a miss if I suggested a ride up the Tower Rd. and down one of his more favorite rides like Mullet because as everyone is aware, riding up the Tower Rd. is “stupid.”  So to avoid the “stupid” I suggested we forgo the uphill riding and just stick to the lowlands.  Well as you can imagine, even that suggestion was “stupid” as was parking a 1/4 of a mile down the road from the parking lot. 😉

I got my first smile out of him as we passed the entrance to Gate & Switch when he realized that we really were not going up the Tower Rd. at all.  The second smile I witnessed was when we stopped at the end of Hopscotch to check the map.  There may have been more unwitnessed smiling along the way, but the third smile I actually witnessed came near the end of Art’s Trail.  After that, the smiles were just flowing unchecked as we did Mole Trap, Lost Giants and as we passed a lone rider heading up Dog Patch.  Leaving via Meth Lab and coasting the road back to the pickup was a nice way to cap this 52 minute reprieve from my normal parental “stupidity” and in this reprieve we also made plans to do this again next weekend.

Fast forward to this morning, my teen snarked at the 106.5 radio host for calling out 5:56am when according to my car stereo’s clock, it was so clearly 5:57am.  Can’t wait for my next 52 minute break.

Relive ‘Morning Dec 1st’




Poor as my writing might be, I still like to write. I’ve written a blog or two in the past, but at one point or another they each became a chore rather than a joyful pastime. C.S. Lewis said, regarding writing, “Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.” I will be following Lewis’ advice so this blog, which bears my name, will remain a joyful pastime. Hope you like bikes.