I happen to think that this gravel grind on Lookout Mountain is another one of many little gems to be found near Bellingham.  There are trails being built all around here, but whether you are walking the dog or riding/pushing your bike, the road itself isn’t a bad way to get a nice bit of exercise.

Exercise is the main reason I did this ride/push on Thanksgiving Day, but my wife also recognizes that I am more pleasant around people after a ride, so I rode the road. It’s a steep road with over 2000 feet of elevation gain over the 5 or so miles up to the towers from the parking lot on Lake Louise Road, and as I noted in my post Granny Insufficient, there are some extra steep sections that are just too much for me to ride, granny gears or not.

Steady rain, a plethora of puddles and some extra thick, extra soggy bits of fallen leaves made the fast ride back down the road into quite the splashy mess of a fun ride.

Future plans in this area include riding down one of the unmarked trails that leave the tower area heading backdown towards the parking lot and also walking the road while the dog does some exploring on her own.

Link to gaiagps track.

BTW, this is a repeat of the ride where I was surprised by the big kitty who suddenly and silently appeared out of nowhere.  No kitty’s on this trip though, just rain.

Relive ‘Morning Nov 22nd’



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