Tour de Whatcom 2018


#166 starting at the back of the pack

Tour de Whatcom 2018 (TDW) is in the books now and for me it will go down as maybe the most uneventful century of my life,  It was sunny, but not to hot.  The ride was windy from Everson to Birch Bay, but the headwind was not too strong. Traffic was almost completely devoid of numpties and I’d be pressed to consider any of them asshole numpties.  And while it seemed that there were several flats and mechanical issues going on all around me, my R600 was just a point and pedal for the day, it just purred along.

This year’s course was a bit different, and better in my opinion, than the other time that I rode the TDW which was in 2015.  The big change was that after going north from the Lake Whatcom area on Britton and Noon roads, the course continued north and east through Everson and beyond before turning west to Lynden.  The 2015 route took a big awkward jolt back towards Ferndale before going north again to Lynden.  Another really nice thing comparing the two years, were the logistics(?) of the course.  Last time around I had to rely heavily on my local knowledge the area to route find, even so I got lost in Lynden, missing the rest stop.  In contrast, this year’s course was well marked and also accurate to the map and turn by turn list that they provided.  Only once did I pull out my map, and that was to convince another rider that he was going the wrong direction.  Also there were traffic control people, law enforcement in places, to help make things a bit more safe in sketchy intersections.  Most notable for me, was stopping traffic so that cyclist could safely cross Slater Rd.

Relive ‘Morning Jul 21st’


The organizers reminded us at the start that the TDW is a ride, not a race.  Good thing, because I didn’t win ;).  I did finish the ride though, and I finished it feeling pretty good compared to last time, but 100 miles is still a long way to pedal, so I am not without some stiff muscles today.  Tour De Whatcom 2019???  Maybe the 22 mile loop on the Raleigh Twenty?

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