Coming Up Fast

North County loop is a good one for racking up miles

July 1st.  That’d make the Tour de Whatcom only 3 weeks away.  Am I ready?  Not quite, but close.  I logged 60 miles again today, including fixing a flat in Lynden, and still felt ok when I got home.   Perhaps even a little less stiff than I was after last weekend’s ride of similar distance.  The flat was what it was and it wasn’t something that I could have avoided mostly since the tire appears to have held air for awhile so I have no idea where exactly it was that I picked up the microscopic piece of wire and the wire was, as I said, microscopic so there is no chance that I would have seen it while riding.

Flat fixing time. The microscopic piece of wire I picked up was likely from a steel belted tire

Not that long ago I changed out the 25mm tires for 28mm wide hoping for a bit of relief from the road vibration.  It’s very subtle, but I do think the ride is a bit softer.  So I just need to add a bit of lube before the ride and I think mechanically the bike will be ready to roll 100 miles.

A couple of more long rides like today and I think my body will be ready. If anything, my only concern would be that I come away from the ride with a stiff neck.  My legs and recovery time seem to be doing good.  Mind you, I will likely be one of the last people on the road, but I for certain will be having fun the whole time.

Relive ‘Morning Jul 1st’