I Don’t Approve, I Understand

Spock said something really similar to my title in one of the original series episodes.   Aliens were waging war using computers, with people voluntarily killing themselves whenever the computer said it was their turn.  That plan avoided the messiness of war, but also avoided the ending of the war.  People had been dying century after century with no end in sight.   So, Spock pointed out that he understood some of the logic in their method, but pointed out that he didn’t say he approved of what they were doing.

Understanding and approving are often two completely different things, which really explains my position on the whole current immigration hubbub.  I don’t approve of families being separated from each other and likewise I don’t approve of children being used.   However, I do understand that the President and his Administration are part of our Executive branch of government and therefore are tasked with enforcing all the laws of our nation.  They don’t make laws, they carry out laws, laws that are made by Congress.

A government that picks and chooses which laws they enforce, is just as guilty as a criminal who picks and chooses which laws they will follow.


Trust me, as bad as things look regarding the children that are separated from their families, we don’t want our current President, nor any President picking and choosing which laws they and their Administration will enforce.  A lot of haters want to bash President Trump over this situation.  I think that their hatred is misplaced.  I think if anyone is to be bashed, it is Congress for allowing these laws to stand for as long as they have.  I do wish that our President would study up on tact and bedside manner, but even so, the fault for our current immigration woes lies firmly on the shoulders of the current Congress, past Congresses, and past Presidential Administrations who allowed the situation to fester through inaction.  President Trump did not create the problem.

If nothing else, President Trump has stirred things up and at the same time quite possibly set us on a course to actually fix things on the border.  His unconventional, or as some would say amateurish, methods have succeeded where his predecessors have failed, such as his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.  So, I would say, love him or hate him, if you don’t want to see families separated at the border leaving children isolated from their parents, then support President Trump by getting after your Senators and Representatives to get the laws fixed.