North County Loop

Saturday was a nice morning for a long road ride. As a fitness goal, I signed up for the 100 mile Tour de Whatcom in July, so it is getting to be the time that I need to get my body used to the long miles on a road bike.  Fitness levels for road biking and mountain biking may be closely related, but road bike hours on drop bars have you in one or two pretty defined positions while mountain biking has your body in constant movement all over both on and off the bike.  Hours on a road bike are a different strain on your body, than hours on a mountain bike.  So my Saturday goal was to rack up some road bike saddle time to condition my body, while enjoying a beautiful late spring ride.

Riding through Birch Bay before the gate opens

I rode my North County Loop which is 60 miles give or take a few depending on which way I zig or zag through Lynden and Everyson/Nooksack.  As always, I began my ride early (5:15am) because riding before too many cars are on the road is safer, less stressful, and just more pleasant.  Riding through Ferndale at that time was both safe and peaceful, things you won’t get any other time of day.   Riding through Birch Bay, was a delight with the gates still closed at both ends of the park.  My biggest traffic hangup of the whole ride was waiting for a long train to cross at the Portal Way & Birch Bay Lynden intersection.  I’d be a putz to complain about that, wouldn’t I?

One thing that can be a bit aggravating, on this ride which I’ve done several times, is that I always seem to be catching a headwind on the long  ride east from Birch Bay to Nooksack.  I know I could maybe watch the weather and find a better day or time, but I don’t, I just ride the weather that I am served.  It is as I say, all part of the experience.

I did wake up with muscle soreness in arms, shoulders and neck so I do believe this long ride served it’s purpose.  Maybe a few more of these and they will be ready for July.

The North County Loop is a big loop so begin and end wherever is convenient, preferably not my driveway though.

North County Loop – Google Maps, Endomondo 


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