Haggen to Haggen Loop – cont’d

Last week’s Haggen to Haggen Loop ride was a bit of a bust.  It’s been several months and several hundred miles of riding since I’ve last had a flat, so three in one ride was just time to pack it in and try another day.

So today, with a fresh tube and patch kit in my pack, I set out for another attempt and that attempt was a success. This is a nice loop because it’s not just 30 miles of boring pavement.   The loop is roughly split half pavement and half groomed gravel paths with a little bit of single trackish trail along the Nooksack River that gets pretty narrow this time of year with all the new growth happening.  And the pavement miles cover all the categories too, fast highway like Smith road, old country roads, some city riding and riding with a Sound view along Marine Drive.

I added a few pictures to the gallery from last week.

Relive ‘Morning Jun 2nd’

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Poor as my writing might be, I still like to write. I’ve written a blog or two in the past, but at one point or another they each became a chore rather than a joyful pastime. C.S. Lewis said, regarding writing, “Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.” I will be following Lewis’ advice so this blog, which bears my name, will remain a joyful pastime. Hope you like bikes.