Adaptive Cycle Expo 2018

Bikes and mechanical things are part of my comfort zone and, to be real, people with disabilities are usually way out of my comfort zone.  So why volunteer for this type of event?  Because comfort or no comfort, in my gut it seemed like the right thing to do and it also involves bikes (of sorts).  I also knew that people with disabilities are way in my wife’s comfort zone and I knew that Monica was also volunteering so she’d have my back ;).   I know, it sounds pretty ominous for an event that turned out to be quite fun.

The Adaptive Cycle Expo was put on by Outdoors for All FoundationPeaceHealth, Bellingham Parks and Recreation and was open to anyone who showed up to Civic Field.  Driven by Outdoors for All Foundation, the event promised to give anyone who showed up (for all) the chance to get a set of wheels under them for a trip or trips around the track.  Outdoors for All came up from Seattle with a trailer load of “bikes” that ranged from Stryder type bikes, to trikes, to sporty trikes, hand-cycle trikes, to side by side tandems as well as all the necessary straps, pads, etc. to adapt the “bikes” as needed.

Dozens of people did show up and everyone of those dozens of people rode.  Some rode a little and some rode a lot, like miles.  The day proved fun for both volunteers and participants, so I would count the event as a success and I would also say that my comfort zone grew.

Check out Outdoors for All Foundation to see what they are all about.  Also, whether it be to ride or volunteer, keep your eyes peeled for next years event.