Governor Inslee is my governor in the same fashion that President Obama was my president.  I didn’t vote for either of them and don’t/didn’t agree with much they do/did.  However, like it or not, they were duly elected.  So out of respect for our state and nation, I accept them, and as difficult as it is sometimes, I do my best to respect them.  To me, respecting and listening to those who we disagree with is a way to understand each other, a way to find common ground, that will help hold our nation together.  The old agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable is really so true.

What got me here to this quick rant is not the post that KGMI put up on Facebook about another attempt by Gov. Inslee at a carbon tax.  What got me to this quick rant was the disagreeable comments from those who presumably disagree with the governor’s attempt.

Check these excerpts from just 13 comments:

  • This asshat
  • his liberal loonicy
  • I didn’t vote for this clown
  • his AG flunkie
  • He needs to be Culled!
  • He can stick that carbon up his ass
  • Schmuck
  • The idiot
  • This moron


Yes, agree to disagree with the Governor by commenting with your reasons, just don’t be disagreeable like these commenters.  Culled?  Really, calling for “culling” a sitting governor or any other human being?  Being disagreeable only sows division.  It doesn’t help this side and it doesn’t help that side.   Being disagreeable helps no one at all.

And remember, it’s bike week, or bike month, or…well it’s not raining.