Reese Hill Loop

This loop, Reese Hill Loop, has many things to offer, most of which were on display for my ride today.   There were cows, deer, lots of sun, springtime springing up everywhere, beautiful sunrise through morning mist, and a hill.  Many of this loops offerings may or may not be there on each ride, but rest assured the hill will be there every time.

I haven’t done this loop in awhile, but the hill was there before and it was there today.  I’m good with the hill though, in fact for me, it is the star feature of this loop.  Without the hill this would just be another flat land ride in the country. I start this loop out of Everson and from there I ride north on Trapline Road before cutting over to Telegraph Road by way of Lindsay Road, and then keeping on Telegraph as it follows it’s slightly contorted path north.  This beginning part is all a pleasant flat ride in the country that serves as a warmup for going up Reese Hill Road.

The transition from flat land to the uphill happens just past this funky intersection where Telegraph Road ends as it crosses Sumas Road and becomes Reese Hill Road.  After only a couple of turns you begin your climb from the flat valley floor, up a windy narrow road through forest and farmland onto a plateau of sorts that is roughly the elevation of Kendall and Silver Lake.  I won’t deny that the hill is steep, especially at first, but then it begins to moderate while still climbing.  The slow riding isn’t all bad, it makes for really hearing and seeing the quietness of a Sunday morning up there.

Traffic on this narrow road?  Traffic isn’t bad at all.  I was passed by several cars/pickups and every one of them was courteous and gave me plenty of room. Once you reach the plateau, the ride out to Heady Road is pretty darn nice, couldn’t ask for a more pleasant ride.  I even found a little waterfall, not by sight, but by hearing it on this dead quiet morning.  Reese Hill Road ends where you take a right on to Heady Road.

A short ride on Heady leads to an intersection with South Pass Road where you take a right turn  onto South Pass Rd. which winds up and mostly down as it leads you right back down the hill into Everson.  Other than the one funky intersection I mentioned above, navigation on this whole loop is pretty simple.   There are a couple of bailout spots if the big hill has taken it out of you or you just need to shorten this 27 mile loop.  From Reese Hill Road you can cut over directly to South Pass Road via Frost or Kendall Road instead of going all the way out to Heady Road.

I like this loop because the loop is both a scenic ride and a super good workout.  From the pictures you will see that I rode Whitey, my triple chainring hybrid-ish bike.  I need the granny gear to do this ride while I am sure there are some who don’t. If you are up for the hill and comfortable on a narrow windy road you should do this ride.

Come to think of it, this ride might not be so bad as a easy Sunday drive either 😉

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