Rain Rain Go Away – Updated

Not too long ago I wrote a post about riding in the out of doors regardless of the weather.  I will still stand by that notion, however I am tired of the rain and cold weather that “seem” to have been the norm this year.   I used the bunny quotes because I never did a analytical comparison of this year’s weather to any other year’s weather, the weather in the last week or so just makes me feel like Noah, three weeks into his boat ride.  Last year, I really kicked off spring biking by committing to riding to work every day during the month of April.   I didn’t expect conditions to be raining and cold every day and it wasn’t, but there was a lot of rain and a lot of wet rides.  I think last year’s March might have been nicer than this year’s March so I may have been lulled into thinking that April’d be ok for a ride everyday commitment.  Not this year though.  This year I think I will give May a go at being the spring cycle to work everyday month.  Even if May ends up being more rainy than the norm, at least May will be warmer and with more daylight than April.


Well, all of that talk is not to say that I haven’t done any biking lately due to the rainy cold weather, I’ve just not done as much riding lately due to the rainy cold weather.  Yesterday I was able to get out and explore a bunch of the logged off areas on Galbraith as well as setting a new personal record.  Yesterday’s ride was my first time ever riding to the top set of towers without any walking/pushing nor any breaks.  I’m not saying my ride to the top was a world record, just saying that riding all the way up was a personal record, and the ride was done in the rain.  As far as exploring logged off areas in the rain?   I was concerned with causing too much damage to the now naked  trails, so I stuck mainly to the gravel roads and trails that are still clothed in trees.


**4/18/18 Update** – It didn’t rain yet today, so I rode to work. 😉





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