Noon Road Loop

I had hopes of doing something with a little intensity today, like the Reese Hill Loop.  I also had hopes for one of these Sundays to be a warm sunny Sunday where I could take my Schwinn Racer on a nostalgia ride along some easy peasy path.  Instead, it was another cold Sunday where it was clear until the sun came up, but then clouds rolled in to steal the warmth.  And I was in a bit of a time crunch, so I turned to an old standby route today and did the Noon Road Loop from my house.

This loop is basically a big square with a 24 mile perimeter made up of Smith Rd, Noon Rd, Wiser Lake Rd, and Northwest Drive.  Van Dyk  Road is in there too, but plays only a minor role.  Anyway, it has a nice mix of hills along Smith with it’s wide shoulders and the rest being varied country roads through cows and raspberry fields.

If you hit Smith early the traffic is not bad and the rest is usually just pleasant to ride.

Relive ‘Morning Mar 25th’