Inclusion not Division

Here’s a little Ramble & Rant about an issue that I think could make a big difference in how kids do in school, how they get along with others in school, and how they view others throughout their life. 

Schools clubs should be restricted to academic restrictions only. no Hispanic club, no students of color club, no white only club, no tribal club, no multicultural club, , no, no girl only clubs, no male only clubs, ie no MEChA, no Girls on the Run, no Christian student clubs, no blah, blah, blah.  However, schools should say yes to STEM club, yes to math olympics, honor societies,  FFA, yes to journalism, yes to debate, yes to drama, band, sports, cheer.  Say yes to whatever club promotes inclusion rather than division.

Ultimately schools should focus on bringing us together through academic endeavors, not reinforce divisions that have nothing to do with academics.