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I’ve got several routes listed in my spreadsheet of Routes that don’t have an accompanying ride write up because (I either didn’t track them, or didn’t have time, didn’t care at the time, or most likely I just haven’t ridden them since I started the blog.  So I just threw together this post that is just a brief look at the routes without write ups.  I will take pictures next time I’m out on each of them.

  • Lynden Nooksack Smith Rd Loop – Just a big long loop, a lot on main roads so it is trafficky, not for kids.
  • Northwest Wiser Hannegan Smith Loop – quick loop that can be jumped on from anywhere.  Again, mostly main roads, trafficky, no kids
  • After Work 15 loop – Everyone should have one of these kind of loops that begins and ends in their driveway.  It’s an hour loop, give or take, has a grade or two and is rideable at most times and in most weather.  No worries, just ride.
  • North County Loop – a big long loop with some good grades.  I can ride this from my house, but for everyone else there is parking in several places along the route.  It’s good to ride most of the time and in most weather.  Might want to check wind direction, I’ve had a few killer cold head winds going North from Nugent’s Corner
  • Bellingham, Marietta, Ferndale Loop – Just another all pavement loop.  Can be ridden from several parking spots.  If this is the right mileage for your available time, then do it.
  • Lakes Loop – Not a bad loop for about 30 miles.  Can be ridden from Whatcom Falls Park, which is across from a donut shop.  The part of this loop from Alger back along the lake to Whatcom Falls Park follows the same roads as part of the Tour de Whatcom, if you want a taste of that ride.   (**Updated** see Lakes Loop)
  • Lummi Peninsula from Ferndale – I like this ride and I do a couple of variations of it depending on mood and bike.  It’s really about parking in Ferndale and riding out around Lummi Peninsula.  You can get to the peninsula part by riding gravel & trail from Hovander, or just make it sort of an out and back on Ferndale Road.  The thing about this loop that I pay attention to is limiting my ride time/distance along Slater Rd.  I hate, hate, hate riding on that road. (**Updated** see Lummi Peninsula)
  • Ferndale – Birch Bay Loop via Point Whitehorn – This is another nice loop ridden from Ferndale.  It’s too bad Ferndale hasn’t really incorporated the whole bike thing into their planning because they are kind of a crossroads area, just not a real bike friendly crossroads.  The big clue is that the Tour de Whatcom routes sort of next to Ferndale when they should be marketing Ferndale with the route right down through town, like the Ski to Sea.  Anyway this loop isn’t real long, but does have some good ups and downs.  It also has some easy and beautiful riding through the Point Whitehorn area.  In fact, I’ve ridden this as an out and back rather than a loop, because sometimes Bay Road/Vista can be really busy for a narrow shoulder less road.
  • Northeast County Loop –  40 hilly miles, but not killer hills.  What makes this route something I like to ride is that like my Everson Nugent’s Loops, which share some of the same roads, this route tries to avoid the main busy roads as much as possible.
  • Border Check Loop – I’ve only done this once.  It’s long, it is a workout, and it avoids the main drags.  Big hill leaving from Blaine, the rest is not too bad.  I guess I’ve only ridden it once not because it’s bad or anything, just never climbs to the top of my list of ways to spend a whole day.
  • South Pass Loop – this is a half out and back, half loop ride that I think is another that I’ve only done once.  I liked the loop part of it, but I am not sure if I want to do the uphill out of Nooksack again.  I thought I was early on a weekend for traffic, but it was still slow going with too many impatient drivers.  Maybe it’s a loop better ridden from Kendell or Maple Falls.
  • Reese Hill – South Pass Loop – From Everson a 24 mile loop that is really best described in thirds.  The first third is just about dead flat through the valley.  The second third is an uphill grind up Reese Hill Road.  The last third is mostly down hill on South Pass Rd. and then back to Everson.  I haven’t done this in a long while, but do remember that it’s best to be mentally prepared. 
  • Ferndale Lynden Loop – longer version – I have another Ferndale Lynden loop that is shorter because it spends a few miles on the Guide, which can be unnerving to ride.  This version is just more pleasant in my mind if you have the time because it is 35 miles vs. 21.  This loop can be ridden from any parking area on the loop.  I choose Ferndale or my house, you can choose anywhere but my house ;).  On paper, so to speak, this route might not look so pleasant with busy roads like Enterprise and Birch Bay Lynden, but I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with how nice of a ride it is.  Also, doing this ride when raspberries are ripe is a sensory experience not to be missed.


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