Men in Black

If only I were talking about Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones.  That’d be fun.  That was a funny movie…still is a funny movie.  Whatcom County has our own version of MIB, the MIBOB: Men In Black On Bikes.  Those are the guys that ride around Bellingham at night wearing dark pants, dark hoodies, no helmets, no lights, no reflectors and usually in the middle of road somewhere. And yes, as far as I can recall, they are all guys, Men in Black, not Women in Black.  Our Men in Black, the guys that I am talking about, they aren’t funny.  Not funny at all.

They aren’t funny because it’s the motorist, which could be me or maybe you, that will have to deal both emotionally and legally with running them over.  Sure, they’ll be dead, but this is my blog so this is about me, not the MIBOB’s, and frankly when they decide to be MIBOB they are essentially attempting suicide by motorist.  That’s the equivalent to suicide by cop, except motorists can’t claim self-defense when they run over MIBOB.  No, the real victim here will be the motorist, you, me, or someone else.

I’d have a cool picture of a local MIBOB on this post instead of a likely copyright violation, but they are like witches, they don’t show up in photos.  Which is why they are destined to be run over.  Because motorists can’t see them.

Isn’t it about time that local law enforcement started to really protect and serve the public?  Isn’t it time to lockup the MIBOB for some mental evaluation?  Okay, maybe just ticket them the first time.   Isn’t it time to protect motorist from the mental damage, legal damage and vehicle damage that is the danger of the MIBOB?  I think so.