Catch and Release

If criminals are a danger to society(you & me), then in the interest of protecting society, criminals should be held away from society as long as legally possible – like in a big jail.

If criminals require substance abuse or other rehab, then what better way to begin a recovery program than with a long period of quiet self-reflection, like an inmate would find in a big jail.

If to aid in recovery criminals are required to attend legal appointments, counseling appointments, rehab programs, etc, they are much more likely to attend if they are being housed in a county jail, if we had a big jail.

And what a waste of time for law enforcement to have to go out and re-arrest people who could have easily just been kept on-hand in jail, if we had a big jail.

How safe are we when our courts are operating a criminal catch and release program, because they don’t have a big enough jail to keep who they catch?

Here’s a challenge: next time you read an article naming someone in relation to a crime, Google their name plus the word “jail” and you will likely find that they have been in jail before and a lot of time very recently released.

If you ever have a future opportunity to vote for a big jail, please vote YES.

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