I’d been keeping my eye out for a rigid all steel bike with disc brakes for awhile when I ran into this piece of weirdness on FaceBook marketplace. It took me another 3 weeks to land the deal, because it was an hour and a half away and the sellers were their own brand of weirdness. I’m thinking of naming him Whitey, because it is white, I’ve always been a fan of Leave It To Beaver, I am not politically correct, and Whitey is fun to say. Whitey Whitey Whitey

What Whitey is, is a Burley Runabout. A single bike, made for just a few years, by a bike manufacturer know for Tandems and Trailers. And the company is also known for doing things their way rather than supplying something from the standard mold. And doing things their way means stuff like a steel rigid bike with disc brakes made a dozen years ago, lots of Ritchey components, Shimano 105 road derailleur on a mountainish bike, a huuuge chainring set, custom rack, eccentric bottom bracket, and the list goes on.

Having sat out in the weather for quite some time, there is lots of damage, but with quality bones most of the damage is cosmetic or fixable with some aggressive maintenance.

Look for some rides to feature Whitey in the not too distant future I hope.

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