Crisp Morning on Galbraith

Crisp is code for froze my rear end again.  Didn’t even start until almost 6:30am, but even that was too early.  My fingers haven’t been that cold since I was a kid, who didn’t want to come in from sledding, but now I fancy myself as an adult and as an adult I should know better, or at least buy a newer warmer set of winter gloves.  Cold or not, riding of any kind is still more fun than most anything.

Today’s ride was to the towers up on Galbraith and mostly just an exercise run.  Ride up, ride down.  Sometimes the ride down involves some trails, but on a super cold day like today it was just up and back.

This route is not in the Route page yet, but here is the short version.  Park at the Samish Way/Padden Trails parking area, ride up Galbraith Lane, pass the gate, turn right into the trails, cross the bridge, when you hit the road turn left/up, keep on the main road, right at the blue rock, right at the red rocks, when you reach the upper tower, turnaround and ride back down.

Short, cold, lots of up,