Seahawks vs. Cardinals

Oops, I didn’t watch the Seahawks vs. Cardinals game today, but I had my reasons.  One reason was that the game was apparently on Thursday, not today, silly me. The other, foremost reason that I didn’t watch the game was that, oh yeah, it’s still the take-a-knee 2017 NFL season.

So today, not Thursday, I did my Smith Rd. Roundabout loop and really didn’t think about NFL football at all during the 2 hour ride.  The route is basically riding Smith Rd. from Northwest Drive out to the roundabout at the Baker Hwy and then back again.  Smith seems busy, and it can be, it also has very wide shoulders and a lot of hills and grades.  It’s great for a workout.  To avoid the busy, I tend to ride this route in the off hours, i.e. really early, like in the dark early.  All you need is a headlight, taillight, a rear view mirror, perhaps rain gear and you are set.

This morning I did the Axton variation of this loop where I head east on Axton rather than Smith, but follow Axton as it turns south and becomes Starry Road before meeting up with Smith.  Axton is mostly narrow with shoulders disappearing as you cross the Guide, but it is just a more pleasant ride than Smith, with almost zero cars if you ride early.


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Poor as my writing might be, I still like to write. I’ve written a blog or two in the past, but at one point or another they each became a chore rather than a joyful pastime. C.S. Lewis said, regarding writing, “Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.” I will be following Lewis’ advice so this blog, which bears my name, will remain a joyful pastime. Hope you like bikes.