Flag Etiquette

There’s a big picture of Tomi Lahren wearing a US Flag headlining a story over at the Bellingham Herald site.   It’s titled “Conservative pundit dressed up as the American flag. Did she violate the Flag Code?”   Don’t go Googling the Flag Code, because I don’t think you’ll find the real answer there.

The answer is really about what’s in their heart.  Ask yourself if they are intending to honor our nation with the use of the flag, or are they intending to dishonor our nation?   I can’t look into the hearts of either Tomi Lahren nor whoever at the Herald made the decision to run this story.   I can say that in my view, what was in their hearts wasn’t very high up on the list of decision making factors.  I believe both of them used the image of a young blond woman draped in a flag primarily for the same reason; as a hook to get more web traffic i.e. mo’ money.  Additionally, the hook was to reel in an even larger audience (mo’ mo’ money) because the post played right into our media’s investment in further headline clicks by nurturing a divided America.  Both the Herald and Tomi Lahren are the media.

Lincoln and McClellan 1863Yeah, I didn’t put up her image because I don’t want to be considered, even in a small way, as part of the media problem.  What I did post up here is an image of President Lincoln.  It’s been my go to image in my head when people get all hot about someone else mistreating our flag.   It’s one a few actual photos of President Lincoln and if you will look at the table behind the President, you will see an American flag draped as a tablecloth.   Do you think either President Lincoln or Gen. McClellan were talking or even slightly concerned about proper flag etiquette?  No, not likely.  I am thinking that they were both working to hold our nation together, rather than obsessing over the red, white and blue tablecloth.

So I am thinking that their example should be my measure.  When it comes to proper flag etiquette, consider first the heart of the person, then you will have your answer.

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