Election Picks

You’ve got your ballot and now it’s time to draw those lines.  Here are my picks including my reasoning and/or lack of reasoning for my choices.  I’ve also got some other great bike related information accumulating about each candidate.  I’ll be sharing soon, maybe in the next couple of days.

However for me, what they each said about their relationship with bicycles didn’t change any of my votes.  So without any further ado, may I present for your consideration, my votes:




Whatcom County Council

  • Rud Browne – a more rounded, more qualified candidate than his opponent.
  • Todd Donovan – I certainly don’t agree with him on many issues, but he seems more broad focused and level headed than his opponent, although I do admire anyone with as much passion as his opponent.
  • Tyler Byrd – This is a tough one because it seems both candidates are green.  I do like that Tyler Byrd seems more independent, less engrained in the existing political system where his opponent seems to be reading from a script card.
  • Mary Kay Robinson – Just vote for her if you have the opportunity.   She appears to be everything that her opponent appears not to be, that is intelligent, pragmatic, independent thinking, and someone who will serve the people rather than an agenda.

Port Commissioners

  • Dan Robbins – wealth of experience, a practical thinker, I liked him.
  • Ken Bell – intelligent, hardworking and a person who will bring new leadership to Bellingham/Whatcom County

City of Ferndale

  • Cathy Watson – a truly good person and a tireless and extremely capable servant of people.
  • Connie Faria – You know after hearing her at one of the candidate forums, I felt a little afraid not to support her.  And I mean that in a nice way.  Ferndale needs people who will get things done.

City of Bellingham

  • Quenby Peterson – When something isn’t working, it is time to change.  Her opponent seems quite and intelligent and nice person, but too many times have I seen his name in the news supporting things I oppose, or vice versa.
  • Roxanne Murphy – Appears less unstable than her opponent.  Yeah, sometimes it’s that simple.

Ferndale School District

  • Ferndale School District is a mess and my ballot shows that there are three members of the current board running unopposed.  Even though the outcome of the election is certain none of them have earned my vote.

Fire Protection District 7

  • Eric Grant – Never met him, but people I respect have his sign in their yards.

Proposition 2017-6  – Jail Tax

  • I will have to draw a line for APPROVED, only because HECK YES was not a ballot option.


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