Bye Week Loop

Seahawks Schedule said it was a bye week so there was no game to watch even if it wanted. I didn’t want, so I went for a little bike ride instead. Sunday’s loop ride was on Galbraith, a loop I’ve renamed from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to it’s new name, the Bye Week Loop.

Coming in at about 9-¼ miles Goldilocks & the 3 bears is a bit on the long side for me, both in time and in miles. However, even being long it’s not a complete killer and if it feels that way to you there are several opportunities to jump (not literally) back out to the approach road and exit back down to the parking area. And speaking of the approach, this route has you turning off to the left at the Blue Rock and onto RD 2000 which is overall a much gentler slope than continuing up to the towers before joining a trail.

I prefer to do the namesake trails starting with Goldilocks and then Mama Bear, Baby Bear and Papa bear, in that order. In that order, Goldilocks & Mama Bear seem to have a gentle downward slope, and the steeper sections on Baby Bear are downhill, so more riding less pushing. Papa Bear slopes up this direction, but nothing severe and it’s followed by a stretch of road that allows recovery. That recovery section includes a nice big bench at the intersection of RD 2000 and RD 2400 as well as a very steep downhill section of road known as the “wall.”

Just after reaching the bottom of the wall you will find a trail on your left named Bandito. If you miss the turn to Bandito you will almost immediately hit the India Emergency Check point at a large intersection. If I remember correctly Bandito starts out with a little uphill which has enough obstacles that I can’t seem to ride, but then eases. Bandito exits onto another road that you will ride downhill until you reach Lone Wolf on your right. I find that Lone Wolf is a little hidden and I’ve ridden right by it a couple of times. At least in the near future, look for it on your right just at the transition between the clear-cut and the trees.

This final section of trail/trails is a nice cooldown before the car. It can be a confusing with hitting short sections of 4-5 different trails, but it seems like the worst that can happen is that you get a little less time on the trails as you hit a different point on Galbraith Lane when you come out of the woods. Here’s how I do it: keep on Lone Wolf until you reach a well-marked intersection where you turn left onto Cow Bell, turn left again onto Lost Giants at what I recall is the other end of Cow Bell, the next turn is a right and is marked by a rusty bike frame sign for Lost Giants, at this point I think you will be on the end of the Dog Patch trail which leads you into Last Call which after passing the wooden bridge dumps you back onto Galbraith Lane/ RD 1000

Bye Week Loop

  1. Galbraith Lane Parking area on Samish Way
  2. Galbraith Lane/RD 1000, follow signs that says Mountain Access
  3. Around a gate on the right at Check Point H
  4. Large trail entrance on the right, splits into two that both head to the wooden bridge.
  5. Cross the bridge onto Gate and Switch Trail
  6. Keep right at the first intersection or go left and then right down the pipeline
  7. Arrive at Check Point A Kiosk at the intersection of RD 2000 and Pipeline.
  8. Push, Pull, Drag or Ride up RD 2000 until you reach the Blue Rock
  9. Turn Left onto RD 2000 and through a freshly logged area.
  10. Past Check Point C
  11. Straight past the bench at RD 2400
  12. Turn/keep Right on RD 2000 – at an almost 90 degree intersection.
  13. Stay on RD 2000 by keeping left at a three way intersection
  14. Left on RD 2600
  15. Goldilocks is obvious trail on your right, keep left as trail splits (Goldilocks is a loop).
  16. Turn left onto Mama Bear, Goldilocks continues Right.
  17. Finish Mama Bear and continue onto Baby Bear at a road crossing.
  18. Right onto RD 2000 at end of Baby Bear Trail
  19. Left on Papa Bear which winds around back and forth next to RD 2000
  20. Avoid turning left onto what looks like a long straight trail
  21. Exit on to RD 2000 and go Left
  22. After a bit you will pass RD 2600 on your right.
  23. At this point you will be riding back the way came on RD 2000
  24. Turn Right at bench and down the Wall RD 2400
  25. At bottom of wall, turn Left on Bandito.
  26. Right on Lone Wolf, left on Cow bell, Left on Lost Giants, Right on Dog Patch/Last call,
  27. Out Galbraith Lane

Skip Mama Bear & Baby Bear by going out RD 1200 to RD 2000
Skip out on Papa Bear and go out RD 2000
Skip many trails by continuing out on RD 2000 at the Bench
Numerous other variations are possible (don’t get lost)